Financial Freedom and become your Own Boss by starting your own business

Extra Income, Financial Freedom,
Your Own Business, Personal Development,
More Spare time, Build New Relationships,
Help Other People, Leave a Legacy.

If any of these appeal to you, then this is going to be exciting for you.

What you are about to read is a result of a mixture of common sense and a lot of experience at failing and learning. What is on ground today, is undeniably the best value proposition on the planet.

When I share this opportunity face to face, people smile, most often laugh, and sometimes go hysterical. It’s good, but it’s true. Please read slowly and digest the concept and your possibilities.

In Summary, there is a company that offers it’s customers lifestyle enhancement products and opportunities. It also offers them a growing list of everyday items, and packages it all in a product bundle called a Privilege Pack. This privilege pack is a must have, considering how with so small money, you can get so much value.

It’s a World of possibilitiesWhat’s in the Privilege Pack. . .

The privilege pack is a bundle of Privileges that are valuable to people who are interested in a better life. These privileges are simply amazing, even though we are in the early stages.

These privileges in the broad sense consist of international and local products. Once you purchase, the company gives you a password, this password is your ticket to economic Freedom!


You get about 240 + e-books worth $5,000 on different personal development issues. You have books that are for attitude development, financial intelligence, internet mastery, parenting, dating, weightloss, e.t.c. These are tremendous value for someone interested in personal development. On these books you have rights to download, print, keep, give away and even resell.

You get access to over 4 search portals that make your life easy, in helping you locate the best deals around the world in hotels and flights. Using the search portal for example you can get to save up to 60% at times on hotel booking around the world, and you can make some savings on flight travel as well. On hotels, the deals can be mouth watering. For example, on a recent leaders trip to Dubai, some of our leaders noticed that the advertised cost of the rooms were $200, but using our portal the same hotel was only $71. . . an incredible 64% saving. With flights the portals help you locate who is offering the best deal, and there is an agent in your privilege pack as well, who helps you discount the best deals further.

Short Stay Offers (Vacation offers), for just being a customer with this company, you get some mouthwatering heavily discounted vacation. For example, you and your partner can go and enjoy an exciting 3 days in Dubai consisting of the following:

Three Nights Accommodation in Dubai
Daily Breakfast
Return Airport Transfers from Dubai Airport
Desert Safari with Barbeque dinner and belly dancing
Half day Dubai city tour
Dhow Cruise with dinner and transfers
This offer is available to members for just $255 per person for a luxurious 3 star hotel. There are up to 8 options in Dubai alone.

There are also such deals for Australia, Singapore , Malaysia, Bali, Beijing, Mauritius, Thailand e.t.c. covering varying things. This kind of deal for Dubai will naturally cost about $500-700 per person. Singapore for example has a deal that covers hotels, airport transfer, meet and greet at the hotel and a city tour for about $177 per person.

Complimentary offers, this is the point where people start laughing with uncontrollable excitement. The company offers without any extra qualification to it’s members, complimentary vacation offers. You can choose from 4 destinations in Asia or 9 destinations in the USA or 1 destination in South America. Complimentary means you are entitled to what is offered without paying an extra dime! An example of this is Thailand below. . .

“3 days and 2 nights in Las Vegas, USA (Free Gift)”

This special “Vacation Package” includes 3 days and 2 nights in the Excalibur hotel, the Golden Nugget hotel or a comparable hotel in fabulous Las Vegas!

I am sure you would agree a truly great package deal! Well, the good news is YOU can have this right NOW for nothing, that’s right. . . As an Avenues to Wealth Distributor YOU get this breathtaking package absolutely FREE with your Privilege Pack!

Better still, you can take a friend or loved one with you at no extra cost!

The only thing you have to do is supply your own transportation to Las Vegas. Once you’re here, we’re going to take great care of you, remember. . . You will be staying in Fabulous Las Vegas – So it’s going to be First Class all the way.

To clarify, you are NOT obligated to buy anything and there are NO sales pitches to attend. We will even take care of the processing fee, which secures your complimentary vacation for the next 12 months, so you can take the vacation when you are ready. . . It’s as simple as that!

The Wealth Portal
The aim of this is to showcase some of the worlds best kept investment secrets. While most investors know about investment in equities very few investors have been exposed to the world of alternative investments. These investments are specifically created to generate returns irrespective of market conditions or direction. In other words you don’t need a constantly rising market to generate returns. Instead these purpose built investment vehicles can make money whether the market is rising, falling or just going sideways.

I could stop here, but this is just a fraction of what is available. On the local scene, the company has struck partnerships with an increasing number of organizations to offer it’s members amazing discounts! Some of the partner companies have great brands, that makes you know that there must be something exciting about this company.

Local Discounts

Profit Sharing!

The company is giving every customer that joins the company (from now till x) the rights of a distributor. This means once you have bought the privilege pack, you are automatically qualified to become a distributor. The company develops for you a personalized website, loads it with developmental materials to support your business, and helps you with support all the way!

The value of this support is invaluable! The company sets these up at
no extra costs to you, and makes you share profit with the company.

Profit sharing is an exciting thing that happens in many companies once in a year, but not with this company. This company offers you profit sharing opportunities weekly. Every Monday the company puts it’s profits in 6 pools, and defines minimum qualification for sharing in each of the pools.

For deeper insight, the company makes a profit of $211 per privilege pack sale. This is based on estimated volume of sales and operations as a lean organization without heavy staff costs or advertising costs.

This $211 is shared into 6 pools. . . $25 goes towards Instant Rewards, $20 goes into a Fast start pool, $8 goes towards Instant Rewards Matching Bonus, $100 goes into a cylce or team referrals pool, $40 goes into a matching bonus pool, and $18 goes into a leadership holiday incentive pool.

For each personal Privilege Pack sale you make, you get a $25 Instant Reward.

You get paid a percentage of what your team earns on Instant Rewards up to 2 levels.

You qualify to share in the Fast start pool on the week you make your third referral.

You qualify to share in the Cycle pool, on the day 2 or multiples of 2 sales are made in your team. These team referrals can come from generations above you without limit, or generations below you without limit – This is where you can earn as much as $70,000/week from, it’s the definition of leverage.

To share in the Matching bonus pool, you must qualify as a ranked leader. (Details of these are in the A2W brochure offline and online).

You also get to qualify for an all expense leadership holiday incentive that is funded by money in the leadership incentive pool.

So you share profit weekly, almost without limit. For perspective, Adeolu Akinyemi states “I have not missed one week of profit sharing in the last 12 months. Sometimes it’s small and sometimes it’s Big, but it grows from month to month and in 12 months of being active it’s been very exciting!”

Don’t Waste time!

This opportunity is simple and exciting, only someone who is being followed from the village won’t see this. If you don’t have time, it means you need this to free up your time. If you have never been on vacation, this is your chance.

If you dedicate 1hr to this everyday, learning and following the training guide (the getting started guide), you will increase your current income by at least 50% in 6 months. If you want to go ahead and do this fulltime eventually, it’s possible.

There is nothing that gives you the balance of being a blessing, empowering people, hearing thank you and still earning legitimate income like this one. The company is less than 2yrs globally, it has customers already in over 100 countries.

Professor Pat Utomi is the Country Chairman of the company, a lot of credible Nigerians are on board, your questions have been asked before and answered. The loser is the person who wastes time, because everything that could have been done by the person introducing you after you, would have counted for you. . . think. . .

This is like landed property. . . it’s cheaper when it’s a bush, costlier when it’s cleared, dearer when there is survey, expensive when there is certificate of occupancy, the price goes into the roof with perimeter fencing, becomes almost uncreacheable with roads and drainage, unreconcilable when there is light and people start building. Don’t be left behind in this train, we have just cleared the bush, there is a lot more development to come.

How do you join? Not so fast, make sure you progress knowledgeably, it would also help if you decide to be mentored and held accountable by a leader. There are books you need to read and DVDs you need to listen to. I can link you to them. Please feel free to contact me, my details are below.
learn more click this link or call 08030602853

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